TERRA NX 400 and 500 with Pulsation Function

TERRA NX 400 and 500 with Pulsation Function

The latest additions to the TERRA series are the TERRA NX 400 and 500 models with pulse function!

Introducing the TERRA NX 500 PME – MIG/MAG welding equipment using inverter technology. It features three-phase power supply for enhanced stability during operation.


Key Features:

  • User panel with a 3.5-inch color graphical LCD display.
  • Capability for MIG/MAG and MIG/MAG pulse welding using 4 special welding processes from Böhler Welding.
  • Up to 600 Böhler Arc welding programs, providing extensive possibilities.

But that’s not all! Soon, the TERRA NX models will be available in the ADK-SPAW offer, where you can place orders over the phone.

Here’s the full list of equipment:

  • Power source: TERRA NX 500 PME
  • Master Software MS Terra NX PMC/PME
  • Wire feeder: WF NX 230 SteelDrive / WF NX 330 SteelDrive / WF NX 430 SteelDrive
  • Cooling unit: WU 430
  • Cart: GT 500 / GT 500 WF / GT 700 / GT 700 WF
  • Liquid-cooled torch: MT 440 W / MT 440 W U/D / MT 540 W / MT 540 W U/D / PP PLUS 401D

Additionally, the TERRA NX 500 PME offers a variety of welding technologies, including MIG/MAG processes like ArcDrive, RapiDeep, PulsDrive, and QuickPulse, as well as MMA and TIG DC LIFT welding. You can utilize Böhler Arc and Universal Arc welding programs – up to 600 preset settings! Furthermore, you have the option to customize up to 240 programs to suit your specific needs.

The main features of MIG/MAG include welding speed adjustment, arc dynamics, fill-in craters, spot welding, and Mig Bi-Level function.

Don’t wait! You can now place orders for the TERRA NX 500 PME and other components from our offering. Contact us by phone and order today!