Böhler Welding with patented greenWave® technology.

Böhler Welding with patented greenWave® technology.

Energy efficiency is a topic of growing importance in today’s world. Many companies are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption to lower production costs and improve their brand’s environmental image. In this context, it’s worth exploring the offerings of Böhler Welding, which provides welders equipped with patented GreenWave® technology.

GreenWave® is a technology that enables welding with exceptionally low energy consumption. It complies with the EN61000-3-12 standard, meaning it meets the highest standards of quality and safety. GreenWave® technology is also a combination of the benefits of inverter technology with a power factor close to unity, allowing for maximum efficiency and reliability.

It’s important to emphasize that GreenWave® technology offers not only financial benefits for businesses but also benefits for the natural environment. Improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption are ways to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. Therefore, welders from the URANOS line equipped with this technology are particularly attractive to environmentally conscious companies and users.

Of course, not only technologically advanced companies and environmentally aware users can benefit from the advantages offered by GreenWave® technology. Anyone looking for energy-efficient and reliable welding solutions should explore Böhler Welding’s offerings.

Finally, it’s worth noting that identifying welders from the URANOS line equipped with GreenWave® technology is very easy, thanks to the self-adhesive label with the GreenWave® logo on the packaging. This allows users to easily and quickly recognize products equipped with this patented technology.


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