CO-BRO® GUARD: Revolution in MIG/MAG Welding Chamber

CO-BRO® GUARD: Revolution in MIG/MAG Welding Chamber

In today’s dynamic industrial environment, innovations are crucial for progress. At Böhler Welding, we proudly present CO-BRO® GUARD – a revolutionary, fully enclosed collaborative welding chamber. This innovative system has been created with the aim of providing flexibility, ease of use, optimal welding performance, and maximum protection for health, safety, and the environment, making it a true industry leader.

Our vision at voestalpine Böhler Welding is closely tied to our commitment to the health and safety of welders. The introduction of our groundbreaking product, CO-BRO® GUARD, perfectly reflects this vision. This revolutionary collaborative welding chamber goes beyond standard welding solutions, offering complete accessibility and easy operation, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

CO-BRO® GUARD is not just another welding solution; it’s a technological leap forward. Let’s explore what makes this collaborative welding chamber the future of MIG/MAG welding.

  1. Intuitive User Interface – CO-BRO® GUARD features an intuitive user interface that simplifies the programming of the robotic arm. In today’s times, where the demand for qualified welders and operators is often greater than the supply, this feature ensures high quality and repeatability of welds. CO-BRO® GUARD becomes your qualified assistant, ensuring that your welds meet the highest standards.
  2. Experience Perfect Welding with CO-BRO® GUARD. This system combines the latest welding processes, industry-leading filler metals, and the Böhler arc concept to ensure that every weld meets the highest quality standards.
  3. Flexibility and Integration – The system is not only fully enclosed but also mobile. It can be easily moved using a manual forklift, making it adaptable to changing production processes.
  4. Plug and Play Welding Station – Setting up the welding station has never been easier. CO-BRO® GUARD is designed as a plug-and-play system with a central power source and media supply, eliminating complications associated with complex installations. You can focus on what you do best: welding.
  5. GUARD Housing – Safety is paramount. CO-BRO® GUARD features a GUARD housing that separates the welding area from the rest of the workshop. It effectively limits the impact of welding-related hazards on workers, creating a safe working environment for everyone.
  6. Increased Productivity – CO-BRO® GUARD doors and table partition allow the operator full access to all operations during welding. This, in turn, enhances productivity and flexibility, enabling efficient and effective work.
  7. Innovative Smoke Removal – CO-BRO® GUARD ensures effective removal of welding fumes from the work area. You can connect it to a low extraction system or equip it with an integrated high extraction system.

In summary, CO-BRO® GUARD is a breakthrough in MIG-MAG welding technology. It’s not just a welding solution; it’s a transformative system that delivers perfect welds, prioritizes health and safety, and increases productivity. With an intuitive user interface and advanced smoke removal, it represents the future of welding, available today.