Discover TERRA NX – Your Key to Higher Welding Productivity

Discover TERRA NX – Your Key to Higher Welding Productivity

In the world of metallurgical and mechanical industries, reliability, efficiency, and ease of use are crucial. That’s why we present TERRA NX – a revolutionary welding device that not only guarantees reliability but also increases productivity and is incredibly user-friendly.


Reliability You Can Appreciate

TERRA NX is a welding device designed to endure. With its robust construction and advanced production process, TERRA NX undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality and durability. Protection against dust and dirt ensures the device’s longevity, and the highly efficient, patented inverter power source guarantees compliance with the EcoDesign directive.

Boost Your Productivity

TERRA NX enhances productivity through compatibility with Böhler Welding welding materials. With seven proprietary Böhler Welding welding processes and up to 600 welding programs, TERRA NX can increase productivity by up to 50%. Additionally, TERRA NX offers 100% digital control of the welding arc, quick response, and welding parameter regulation, resulting in fewer spatters and fewer corrections.

The Ease of Use You Need

TERRA NX is a welder’s best friend. With an intuitive color LCD user interface, TERRA NX offers flexibility in hardware modularity and software upgrades, making it adaptable to various materials and applications. Moreover, TERRA NX provides a complete range of hardware accessories, making it an even more versatile tool.

Additional Benefits of TERRA NX

All TERRA NX PCBs are developed and produced in-house, ensuring the best design and rapid responses to unforeseen situations. We conduct comprehensive tests on all TERRA NX welding equipment, including final functional tests, electrical/electronic tests, load tests, welding tests, heating tests, and typical tests under the most challenging climatic and mechanical conditions.

TERRA NX utilizes the latest technologies, such as the patented, highly efficient, and long-term proven inverter power source (ThreeLevel® by Böhler Welding), high-frequency resonant inverter (100 kHz), data transmission via the CAN bus, ventilation speed modulation according to internal temperature, airflow design to protect electronics from dust and dirt, aluminum covers, and PBT plastic for lightness and durability. Its thermal protection is integrated with the power module for precise temperature control, and the high-capacity microprocessor provides digital precision, the best reliability, and quick response.

5-Year Warranty Program

Standing behind the quality and reliability of TERRA NX, we offer up to a five-year warranty on your TERRA NX device.

TERRA NX is an innovative welding device that is not only reliable and efficient but also user-friendly. With TERRA NX, you can increase your productivity and focus on what matters most—your work. Don’t wait; discover TERRA NX today!