HC150 by OneBond: Revolution in Hand Care

HC150 by OneBond: Revolution in Hand Care

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of sticky, dirty hands after a long day of work, especially when dealing with grease, oil, or hard-to-remove paint. However, there’s a solution for that – HC150 by OneBond.

What is HC150?

HC150 is a professional hand degreaser with a dispenser. But it’s not just an ordinary hand-cleaning product. Thanks to its neutral pH and dermatological tests, it’s not only effective but also safe for the skin.

Key product features:

  • Quick and easy removal of grease, oil, and extreme dirt.
  • Contains abrasives to facilitate degreasing.
  • Easy to use: simply apply to dry hands, rub, add a little water, and then rinse when the dirt dissolves.
  • Long product shelf life: it is recommended to use it within 12 months of opening.


Why choose HC150?

In addition to its effective cleaning action, HC150 also cares for the skin on your hands, leaving them refreshed, soft, and moisturized after each use. The abrasives in the product provide deep cleansing without the need for scrubbing, which is often necessary with other products.


The best news? HC150 is now available in the ADK-SPAW store. If you’re looking for an effective solution for hand care and cleaning, you’ve just found it.


Whether you’re a professional working in tough conditions or simply looking for an effective solution for daily hand care, HC150 by OneBond is a product worth considering. Try it today and feel the difference!