Photo report from Welding Days at KUKA 2023.

Photo report from Welding Days at KUKA 2023.

On behalf of ADK-SPAW, a partner of the Welding Days at KUKA 2023 event, I would like to share a report from this long-awaited event that took place on March 2nd in Tychy.

During the Welding Days, a premier welding duo was presented, consisting of the MPARC Compact welding cell, a KUKA robot, and Fronius welding equipment. Guests also had the opportunity to learn about the latest welding solutions and meet experts in the field of welding automation.

The all-day event was not only an opportunity to learn about interesting case studies, such as welding automation processes at Stahlbau Automotive or welding chimney flashings from 0.6mm thick sheet metal at MPLAB and Smart Laser, but also to exchange experiences and establish business contacts.

The event program also included a debate titled “Robotization – the Future of Welding,” in which the hosts of the event participated: MPLAB, KUKA, Fronius Polska, and invited guests: Stahlbau Automotive sp.z o.o, JOST in Time – JOST Polska Sp z oo, and Smart Laser Polska.

We are very pleased that the Welding Days at KUKA attracted such a large number of interested participants. It is evidence that welding and robotics topics are becoming increasingly popular and necessary in the business world.