Evolution Vision – advanced welding helmets and powered air systems  

Evolution Vision – advanced welding helmets and powered air systems  

🚀 Explore Evolution Vision – our new family of PPE products for advanced welding helmets and powered air systems. These auto-darkening welding helmets feature the UHD ADF lifting function, combining welding and grinding features for an expanded field of view.

✨ The first products in this series, Evolution Vision65F & Evolution Vision65FM, come equipped with a newly adjustable headgear with four head straps and one neck strap, ensuring exceptional comfort and ergonomic weight distribution.

🛠️ Evolution Vision product features:

Shade filtration 3, 4-8 / 9-14
Viewing area: 65 x 96 mm – True Color
UHD display – EN 379 1/1/1/1 classification
Digital display and easy ADF adjustment
Transparent grinding lens with a wide field of view (180 x 90 mm)
Includes 1 spare battery, 3 front protective lenses, and 1 headgear case
Automatic shadow mode for Evolution Vision 65FM Air
💨 Breathable Brilliance: Welding helmets redefined for air readiness

Designed with unique head inserts, Evolution Vision65F & Evolution Vision65FM Air helmets are air-ready, equipped with face seals and seamless air channel connections, allowing switching between different fresh air systems.

All our head inserts in helmets are certified to the highest standards with P R SL filters.
🌟 Join the welding revolution with Evolution Vision! 🌟