Revolutionary welding process #rapiDeep

Revolutionary welding process #rapiDeep

Discover Innovation with ADK-SPAW!

Welcome to explore the revolutionary welding process #rapiDeep, created by experts from voestalpine Böhler Welding. This groundbreaking technique is designed to increase penetration and travel speed while dramatically reducing the amount of heat input.

Innovation at your fingertips! The #rapiDeep process not only speeds up and improves the welding process but also significantly enhances the quality of the end product, especially in the case of fillet welds with carbon steel.

See it for yourself! We cordially invite you to watch a demonstration video that presents all the benefits of this innovative method in an accessible way. Experience the difference that #rapiDeep can make in your welding projects!


See for yourself! Discover the full potential of the #rapiDeep process today by taking advantage of ADK-SPAW’s offerings, your trusted partner in welding technology.