TERRA NX – A New Era of Reliability and Productivity in Welding

TERRA NX – A New Era of Reliability and Productivity in Welding

In today’s metallurgical and mechanical industry, reliability and efficiency are crucial. That’s why we would like to introduce TERRA NX – an innovative welding device that is not only reliable but also increases productivity and is incredibly easy to use.

Reliability of TERRA NX

TERRA NX is a robustly designed welding device built to last. Thanks to its durable design and advanced production process, TERRA NX undergoes rigorous testing, including 100% component and equipment testing, to ensure the highest quality and durability. Protection against dust and dirt ensures the longevity of the device. Furthermore, TERRA NX utilizes a high-efficiency, patented inverter power source that complies with EcoDesign directives.

Productivity with TERRA NX

TERRA NX not only delivers reliability but also boosts productivity. With compatibility with high-performance Böhler Welding welding materials and fewer corrections needed, TERRA NX offers seven proprietary Böhler Welding welding processes and up to 600 welding programs. Dedicated high-performance welding programs allow for up to a 50% increase in productivity. Additionally, TERRA NX offers 100% digital control of the welding arc, quick response, and welding parameter adjustments, resulting in fewer splatters and fewer corrections.

Ease of Use with TERRA NX

TERRA NX is a true welder’s companion. Equipped with an intuitive color LCD user interface, TERRA NX offers flexibility in equipment modularity and software updates, allowing customization for various materials and applications. Furthermore, TERRA NX provides a full range of hardware accessories, making it an even more versatile tool.

Additional Benefits of TERRA NX

All TERRA NX PCBs are developed and manufactured internally, ensuring the best design and rapid responses to unforeseen situations. We conduct comprehensive tests on all TERRA NX welding equipment, including final functional tests, electrical/electronic tests, load tests, welding tests, heating tests, and typical tests in the harshest climatic and mechanical conditions.

TERRA NX leverages the latest technologies, such as the patented high-efficiency and long-term proven inverter power source (ThreeLevel® by Böhler Welding), high-frequency resonant inverter (100 kHz), data transmission via CAN bus, fan speed modulation according to internal temperature, an airflow design that protects electronics from dust and dirt, aluminum covers, and PBT plastic for lightness and durability. Its thermal protection is integrated with the power module for precise temperature control, and a high-capacity microprocessor ensures digital precision, the best reliability, and quick response.

5-Year Warranty Program

Standing behind the quality and reliability of TERRA NX, we offer up to a five-year warranty on your TERRA NX device.


Increased Productivity through Enhanced Usability

Connectivity of TERRA NX

TERRA NX offers ergonomic connections for easier handling and access to CAN bus connections at the front and rear, providing more configuration options. The device is also equipped with standard Euro connections, remote control, and weld@Net connections.

Easy Access to Switching and Settings

TERRA NX allows for easy and quick manual operations with few screws, quick connections, a large and easy-to-grasp main switch, and quick water connections.

User Interface – Clear and Easy to Set

TERRA NX features a 3.5-inch color LCD user interface with graphics, with a screen angle of 124° specially designed for the best readability. Its intuitive and easy navigation, large touch buttons, and a large knob make it easy to set, even when wearing welding gloves.

Configure and Update Your TERRA NX

TERRA NX is highly flexible and can be updated for different materials and applications. You can customize it for your welding task, with options for hardware, software, welding programs, and more.


In summary, TERRA NX is an innovative welding device that is not only reliable and efficient but also user-friendly. With TERRA NX, you can increase your productivity and focus on what matters most – your work.