With ADK-SPAW, you gain – extended warranty and free training!

With ADK-SPAW, you gain – extended warranty and free training!

Robotic welding is becoming increasingly popular among small and medium-sized businesses due to its effectiveness and repeatability. Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that as an official distributor of MPLAB Prototypes, we have an amazing promotion for you on the MPARC Compact robotic welding cell!

The MPLAB welding cell is designed for automated welding of parts. It’s a complete system equipped with a KUKA welding robot, known for its reliability, safety, and high efficiency. This ensures consistent work quality and high-quality welds.

If you need additional equipment, that’s not a problem. You can purchase tooling (fixturing for holding the welded component) and processes (robot programming, welder configuration, welding parameter know-how).

One of the greatest advantages of the MPLAB welding cell is its user-friendliness. An additional screen with an intuitive interface allows even an inexperienced operator to use it after just a 20-minute training session.

The MPLAB welding cell is designed for user comfort. Inspection doors are located on the left side of the cell, but there’s an option to install doors on both sides. Thanks to inspection windows on both sides, you can easily monitor the entire welding process.

If you’re looking for a solution for robotic welding of components, the MPLAB welding cell could be the ideal choice for your business. It’s ready to use, easy to program and operate, and, thanks to the high-quality KUKA robot, it provides work consistency and high-quality welds.

If you decide to purchase the MPARC Compact welding cell through ADK-SPAW, you will receive operator training for free, and we will extend the warranty for the device by an additional year! This is an incredible opportunity to start robotic welding in your company or enhance your existing system.