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Böhler Welding offers a globally unique portfolio of welding consumables of its own production. It’s 2,000 products are consistently tailored to the current specifications of the most demanding industries and, if necessary, to market requirements while maintaining the highest quality standards. The combination of welding equipment, consumables, technology, and application and process expertise allows us to provide the best solution for customer requirements. This is a true, proven link between people, products and technology.

Welding machines from Böhler Welding are part of the green@wave® range of equipment, designed to save energy in accordance with EN 61000-3-12 and to ensure greater social responsibility towards the environment. All of the devices use U.P.F.R. technology for power factor correction, which ensures top performance with low mains power consumption, and can be connected to the Weld@Net system for complete and efficient management of the welding process using several welders simultaneously.

It should also be mentioned that Böhler welding machines are the only ones on the market with a 5-year warranty (file below)



We are official distributors of Böhler Welding in Radom.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with the models, if you have any questions, please send them via the contact form in the CONTACT tab.

greenWave® Böhler Welding
oszczędność energii

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